Buying Sex Toys

Why Buy Sex Toys

There are many reasons to buy sex toys, the most important one being that you deserve to have fun! With sex toys, your sex life will only go up, up, up! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s enough room in your life for sex toys.

If you’re pregnant, disabled, or have a medical condition, consult with your doctor about how to safely incorporate toys into your sexual activities.

Where to Buy Sex Toys

As the sex toy industry continues to grow, it’s becoming easier for you to purchase sex toys. From classy boutiques to easy-to-navigate websites, there’s a wealth of available venues for you to check out. If you want to look around, to touch and feel a toy before you buy it, shopping at stores would be best. But if you already know what you want and discretion is your priority, then shopping online is best. These online toy stores usually ship your toys in an ordinary box that doesn’t hint at the sexiness of your purchases.

When to Buy New Sex Toys

It’s hard saying goodbyes, especially to toys who have given you unconditional pleasure. But when the time comes, you have to know when to throw out the old and welcome the new. Here are some tips on when it’s time to retire your sex toys:

  • Visible cracks on the surface
  • Material is showing signs of wear
  • Features slowing down despite new batteries
  • The acids from the batteries leaked into the compartment

Once you buy your new toy, you have to Clean it before use.


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