Finding the Right Lotion for You

Lotions are usually used for heating up a sensuous massage. Though some can double as a lubricant, most lotions are for external use. From providing a smooth shave to stimulating the hot zones on your lover’s body, lotions can definitely help heat up your bedroom activities! Here are some lotions to consider:

Flavored lotions – Adding an extra taste of decadence to your body, these lotions are mostly used during oral play. They come in many flavors, usually cherries or strawberries. Though edible, don’t start incorporating these sexy lotions into your daily diet!

Scented lotions – These lotions add a bit of zing to stimulate your senses. They make you smell nice and conjure up pleasant images, inviting your lover to positively lap you up!

Warming lotions – You’re 101° and climbing! When applied, especially on or around the genital areas, these lotions heat up, guaranteed to drive your lover crazy with lust!

Lotion will make you slippery and soft, but whenever you play with your toys (or your partner), you still need Lubricants!

Finding the Right Lotion for You - Top 30 Bestseller Comparison