Finding the Right Lubricant for You

When you’re playing with your sex toys, you need to use ample amounts of lubricant (both on your toy and yourself). But there are so many different kinds! How do you know which one is right for you? Well, you must first consider the material your sex toy is made of, and then think about how you want to use your lubricant. Here are the main types of lubricants:

Oil-based sex lubricants – Made out of vegetable or other natural ingredients, these lubricants are good for oral play, masturbation, and anal penetrations. Oil-based lubricants are also thick, making them hard to clean but good for long-term use. However, you should avoid mixing condoms and latex sex toys with oil-based lubricants because the chemicals in the oil will ruin your toys.

Petroleum-based sex lubricants – These lubricants are very thick, making them very hard to clean up after. They also react strongly to latex, so don’t mix your latex sex toys with petroleum-based lubricants. However, because they are so thick, these lubricants are good for anal play or male masturbation. Petroleum-based lubricants have a tendency to irritate a vagina, so they’re not recommended for toys that are used for vaginal penetration.

Silicone-based sex lubricants – These lubricants are waterproof, making them good for almost all kinds of sexual play (In the shower? In the pool? In a hot tub? No problem!). These lubricants are easy to clean and don’t leave stains. Silicone-based lubricants can also be used with any toys except for those made of silicone and lifelike materials (such as Cyberskin™, Ultraskin, etc). However, these lubricants are relatively new on the market, so they can be hard to find.

Water-based sex lubricants – They are the most popular kind of lubricant, prized for their low prices and many uses. Water-based lubricants can be used with any sex toy, as well as for oral play, masturbation, and anal or vaginal penetration. Cleaning up after these lubricants is also relatively easy; some soap and water should do. However, water-based lubricants wear off quickly (especially in water), so apply a generous amount before and during your sexual activities.

Using Your Lubricants

  • Add more lubricant (before and during your sexual activities) if necessary! There’s no such thing as too much lubrication!
  • Don’t pour the lubricant directly onto a toy or body part. Pour a small amount onto your palms, rub them together and then apply to your toy or lover.
  • Don’t forget about lubricating yourself! Lubricate whichever body part is to come in contact with the toy.
  • Lubricants can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. For those that are thicker, you might have to do a little more scrubbing with the soap. Afterwards, just let your toys dry and store it until your next sexy romp!

After all the fun, you have to Cleaning Your Sex Toys!

Finding the Right Lubricant for You - Top 30 Bestseller Comparison