Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Sex toys are fun, but they’re an acquired taste. It’s easy when you’re playing and experimenting by yourself, but when you’re in a relationship, introducing sex toys into the bedroom might be a little trickier. But if you approach the subject in the right manner, there’s no reason why a vibrator or a cock ring can’t make their way into your steamy love life.

Here are a few tips on how to introduce sex toys into your relationship:

Research your sex toys! The best way to conquer your lover’s fear and anxiety is to do research. Pick out the toys you want and go find information about them. Your lover will ask questions, and you want to be prepared with the answers. Doing research beforehand reassures your lover that though you are in the mood to play, you are also being smart about how to play. So don’t be shy about browsing websites or reading books about sex toys!

Talk with your lover. Approach them with the right attitude at the right time. Pick a moment when you’re both relaxed and are able to talk at length about having sex toys in your relationship. If you already have some specific sex toy in mind, be ready to show your lover some of your research. You know what you want. You know what you like. Give your lover some time to think about their own desires. There are many attitudes regarding sex toys and if you don’t talk to your lover, you won’t know what they’re thinking.

Reassure your lover! Let them know that there’s no reason to be threatened by sex toys. They are there to enhance the experience, not take over the relationship.  Give your lover time to ask their questions and pacify their fears.

Leave hints! Writing sexy notes about what you want or leaving behind pictures of the sex toy will no doubt grab your lover’s interest. Let your lover know the fun you’ll both have with a sex toy. The trick is to fan their desires and feed their fantasies; show your lover what they can do with the sex toy instead of leaving them to their own nervous imagination.

Explore together! If you’re not sure which sex toy to surprise your lover with or if you don’t want to research by yourself, then bring those books to your lover! Learning and discovering together will raise the level of intimacy in your relationship. Be excited about new possibilities; encourage your lover to express their desires.

Start with simple sex toys. Instead of setting your sights on an advanced sex machine, begin with simple toys.
Perhaps a Vibrator or a Dildo for women. A Cock Ring or Nipple Clips for men or Women. Start small to ease your lover’s way into the decadent world of sex toys.

Start with a movie. Rent or buy a sexy adult film to get your lover comfortable with the notion of playing with sex toys. They can see the playful benefits on screen but still be at ease. A movie lets your lover see how much fun a sex toy can be. Consider the different types of Adult Movies.

Take the initiative. If your lover loves surprises, then go and buy a simple toy for them as a gift. Set the mood for a romantic night. Be enthusiastic about trying something new, but don’t rush your lover. Let them enjoy the seduction process and build up to the surprise sex toy. This method skips the preliminary talk and takes you right to the action. But if your lover is not as receptive as you anticipated, be patient. Remember, toys can enhance your sex life, but your lover’s feelings should always come first.

Role play! Putting on a costume makes it easier to introduce a sex toy. Instead of appearing out of nowhere as a foreign object, the sex toy becomes part of the fantasy role play.

Play with your sex toys and make sure you get caught! What better way to catch your lover’s attention than to show them a live demonstration? Play first, talk later.

No matter how you introduce sex toys into your relationship, remember to always be respectful of your lover’s anxieties and questions. Enthusiasm and open-mindedness are vital because that lets your lover know that they are free to express their desires to you. Be patient and understanding; always make sure that you and your lover are on the same page.

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