Keeping Your Sex Life Safe

Which Condom to Use

Condoms are your friend. As you get kinky in the bedroom, they work to keep you safe from bacteria, germs, viruses and other diseases. Condoms are especially useful when you’re engaging in anal play because you want to protect yourself and your toys from the germs in your anus. Of course, condoms should be used whenever you engage in sexy adult activities. Here are just some of the types of condoms you can use:

Colored condoms – Dress up your penis in a vibrant and lively display of character! Though these condoms feel like the regular ones, they’ll still spice up your sex life.

Extra strength condoms – Going in for an extra hard and solid pounding? These condoms will hold up to your hammering thrusts.

Flavored condoms – Why not make yourself more tasty and invite your lover to do some flavorful oral exploration? Instead of a latex smell, flavored condoms are designed to deliciously tease your senses.

Glow-in-the-dark condoms (from Night Light™) – Turn out the lights and just let your lover guide you!

Large condoms – Need something extra for your big strong man? Large condoms should be the perfect cover.

Non-latex condoms – Whether you’re allergic to or dislike the feel of latex, you can still have fun with condoms made from polyurethane or lambskin.

Non-lubricated condoms – If you prefer to use your own lubrication, these are the condoms for you. Just remember that oil-based lubricants don’t mix well with your latex condoms.

Ribbed condoms – These condoms will boost the sensations as you plunge into your lover.

Sensitive condoms – Good for anal play, sensitive condoms are gentle on the nerves within your anus.

Small condoms – Have a slim and sleek toy you want to protect? These are the condoms to fit your erotic electronic assistant.

Warming condoms – Want some extra fire to heat up the sheets even more? Warming condoms can add an extra sizzle to your sexual flames.

Choosing Your Condom

Choosing your condom is like Buying Your Sex Toy: time and patience will be rewarded by satisfyingly kinky sex. Before you head into the local pharmacy or begin your online shopping spree, keep some of these things in mind:

  • When you’re in a relationship, you’re picking a condom for two people. Make sure your partner likes your choices and that there are no lurking allergies to latex!
  • Does your condom agree with your sex toy? Depending on the size and material of your erotic electronic assistant, you have to pick a condom that’s right for the both of you.
  • Condoms should feel good. Since there are so many to choose from, do some under the covers experimenting to find your perfect fit.

Even if you use a condom on them, you still have to Cleaning Your Sex Toys.

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