Keeping Your Sex Life Spicy

Hot and Fun Sex Games for You and Your Lover

Delicious accessories! Instead of watches and necklaces, how about some Nipple Rings and candy bracelets? Have fun with your body and invite your lover for a nibble here and kiss there.

Dress up! Is that a gorgeous erotic devil in your bed? Or maybe it’s a pirate here to raid your booty? Perhaps a sinful little kitty wanting to be petted? Even if it’s not Halloween, you can still dress up to surprise your lover.

Role play! Not feeling so good and in need of an explosive orgasm? Been a bad, bad girl and in need of a hot spanking? Behind bedroom doors, your imagination is king.

Sensual Games! Poker with a wicked twist, Monopoly with a naughty goal. Bring some sex games with you to the bedroom to keep things interesting.

Sex swings! Make your lover your personal slide by strapping yourself to them with these sex swings. Enjoy the ride with every step they take!

Watch a movie! Enjoy an Adult Movie to get the mood going. You can learn some new tricks or just relax and bask in some entertainment.

You know your lover best. Depending on their personality and the intimacy level of your relationship, choose an approach that is most suitable. If your lover likes to play poker, indulge in a game of poker strip tease. Maybe they’re tired and would like some pampering. Who’s to say that you can’t be a sexy, naughty doctor? However you go about revving up the action between the sheets, just remember to use Lubrication and Condoms.


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