Sex Dictionary

69 (slang) – A sexual position allowing mutual oral stimulation of the genitals; the position looks like the number 69

Adult film – A sexually explicit movie. Also called adult movie, porno, pornography.

Analingus – Oral sex involving the stimulation of the anus. Also called rimjob.

Angry dragon – When semen comes out of the nose and mouth, usually after ejaculation

Animal play – When one or both lovers engage in sexual role play as animals

BDSM – A lifestyle combining three patterns of sexual behavior: BD for Bondage Discipline, DS for Domination Submission, and SM for Sadomasochism

Back scuttle (slang) – Anal intercourse

Backwards cowgirl – A sexual position involving the woman sitting astride and facing away from her lover. Also called reverse cowgirl.

Bareback – Having sexual intercourse without protection

Beat off (slang) – Masturbation

Blowjob – Oral sex involving the stimulation of a male penis. Also called BJ, head, hummer, fellatio.

Blue movie (slang) – Adult films

Box munching – Girl-on-girl oral action

Bukkake – A Japanese term for the sex act involving several men ejaculating onto a woman’s face

Bush (slang) – pubic hair; usually refers to a woman’s pubic hair

Camel toe – The outline of a vagina revealed through tight clothing

Cowgirl – A sexual position involving the woman sitting astride and facing her lover

Creampie – Ejaculation inside the anus, mouth or pussy with remnants dripping out of the orifices

Cum (slang) – Semen

Cumming (slang) – The act of achieving an orgasm

Cumshot – The sex act of ejaculating  

Cunnilingus – Oral sex involving the stimulation of the vagina

Deep throat – Taking the entire length of an erect penis down your throat during fellatio

Doggy style – A sexual position involving anal or vaginal penetration during which the recipient is on hands and knees and someone is mounting them from behind

Dominant – The person in charge in a BDSM relationship. Men are referred to as Dominant or Doms. Women are referred to as Domme, Domina, or Dominatrix

Double penetration – Simultaneous penetration of the anus and vagina

Dungeon – A room designed for sadomasochism activities

Eating out (slang) – Giving oral sex; usually refers to cunnilingus

Face sitting – A sexual position involving the recipient sitting on their lover’s face; usually refers to a woman sitting on a man’s face as he performs cunnilingus on her

Facial – Ejaculating on someone’s face

Felch/felching (slang) – Licking the semen from your lover’s anus after ejaculation

Fellatio – Oral sex involving the stimulation of a penis. Also called blowjob, head, hummer.

Fetish – A sexual fixation/obsession with a body part, a concept, or object

Fingering – Inserting fingers into someone’s anus or vagina. Also called finger fucking.

Fisting (slang) – Inserting the entire fist into the anus or vagina. Also called fist fuck.

Flagellation – Beating the body for sexual gratification

Foot job – Stimulating the penis with the foot

Froggy style – A sexual position involving anal or vaginal penetration during which the recipient, crouching above their lover, is moving up and down

G-spot – Grafenberg Spot. A pleasurable spot located inside a vagina

Gangbang (slang) – Having sex with many different men in rapid succession

Giving head (slang) – To perform oral sex on your lover

Going down (slang) – To perform oral sex on your lover

Gonzo – A genre of adult movies that acknowledges the presence of the camera. This type of film usually involves close-ups of sexual activities taking place.

Goose (slang) – Inserting a finger between the buttocks

Glory hole – A hole in the wall where you insert your penis and someone on the other side will perform oral sex on you

Hand job (slang) – Stimulating the genitals with your hands

Icing (slang) – Semen

Internal pop shot – Ejaculating inside a vagina or anus. Also called internal cumshot.

Jacking off (slang) – Masturbation; usually refers to a male performing a hand job on himself

Jizz (slang) – Semen

Load (slang) – Semen

M/s – BDMS abbreviation for Master/slave

MILF – abbreviation for Mother(s) I’d Like to Fuck

Missionary – A sexual position involving anal or vaginal penetration during which the recipient is lying on their back and their lover is penetrating from above

Money shot – The (final) scene in an adult movie where the man ejaculates. Also called pop shot.

Muff (slang) – Vagina

Oral sex – Stimulating the genitals with the tongue

Orgy – Sex between five or more people

Pearl necklace (slang) – Ejaculating on a woman’s chest

Pile driver – A sexual position involving anal or vaginal penetration during which the recipient is balancing on their shoulders and neck with their legs either folded into their chest or up in the air while their lover stands and mounts from above

Piston shot – Close-ups of a penis as it moves in and out

Prostate gland – A gland in the male reproductive system that produces the liquid portion of the semen; when stimulated, men experience a heightened sense of orgasmic pleasure. Also called P-spot.

Pussy (slang) – Vagina

Queef (slang) – When air comes out of a vagina and it sounds like a fart. Also called pussy fart, vart.

Russian (slang) – When a man places his penis between a pair of breasts and jacks off. Also called tit fuck, tittie fucking.

Rusty trombone (slang) – When a man simultaneously receives anal and penile stimulation

Shrimping (slang) – Licking or sucking someone’s toes

Snowballing (slang) – A sex game during which semen is collected and passed from one mouth to another

Snowblowing (slang) – Kissing your lover (usually after their ejaculation) with their semen still in your mouth

Squirt (slang) – Female ejaculation

Swallowing (slang) – Swallowing semen after your lover ejaculates in your mouth

Tea bagging (slang) – Placing your testicles into your lover’s mouth or onto their face

Toss a salad (slang) – Licking your lover’s anus


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