Sex Toys for Anal Play

Anal stimulation is pleasurable for both men and women, regardless of sexual orientation.
Your anus has many sensitive nerve endings and if you stimulate those during sexual play, you can intensify your orgasm.
To keep your butt play experience fun and comfortable, put plenty of Lubricant on your toy and anus before and during your sexual activities.

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Anal beads – These strings of beads are inserted anally for stimulation. Some vibrate with movement while others have a motor wrapped inside for remote controlled pulsations.
Pull them out slowly during an orgasm will launch you into a new level of bliss.

Anal probes – These toys are made to stimulate the prostate gland (for men) and stimulate your anus for maximum pleasure.
They are small, about the size of a finger, and are recommended for beginners. Since they have no flared base, anal probes should not be left in the anus for long.
Probes can be smooth or ribbed, whichever tickles your fancy. Some have handles so you can easily control the speed of penetration.

Anal speculums – Made of stainless steel, these toys open up your anal cavity.
Depending on your preference, you can use a small speculum to get a tiny stretch or a large one to prepare your anus for thicker insertable toys.
Anal speculums work like scissors, so you don’t necessarily need to use lubrication.

Anal vibrators – Vibrators are for both men and women!
Anal vibrators come in many different shapes and sizes, though usually smaller than the regular vibrator, and they’re all designed to pleasure your anus.
Like butt plugs, these vibrators have a flared base to make removal easier.

Butt plugs – Butt plugs are designed to tickle your anal sphincters, lending a sensational edge to your orgasms and overall sexual experience.
For men, butt plugs are able to stroke their prostrate gland for enhanced carnal sensations. For women, butt plugs decrease the vaginal size, causing heightened awareness.
Butt plugs are meant to stay in your anus as you engage in other sexual activities. These toys are generally wider than other anal sex toys and have a flared base for easily removal.
Beginners should start with a small jelly butt plug and graduate up to larger ones.

Dildo/dong sex toys – Both dildos and dongs are shaped like an erect penis, but the former have a flared base while the latter doesn’t.
These toys are used for penetration and don’t have motors inside. Many come with suction cups at the bottom to make for more entertaining positions, so get creative!

For sanitary reasons, you should use an anal douche to clean out your anus before you engage in anal play.
An anal douche is simply a device that you use to spray water into the anus for cleansing purposes.

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