What Are Your Sex Toys Made Of

You are ready to do some exploring, but before you start looking for your sensual electronic assistants, consider the materials that they are made of. Though sex toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and materials, some of the more popular choices are:

Cyberskin™ sex toys – Though it doesn’t look realistic, Cyberskin is as close to the feel of real skin as a toy can get. A combination of silicone and plastic, Cyberskin sex toys will cost you a little more. But the investment is usually worth it because these toys feel comfortable and wonderfully realistic. However, these toys require diligent cleaning.

Glass sex toys – Though expensive, glass sex toys are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. They are smooth, solid and adept at maintaining temperatures. The unique feel of a glass sex toy against your skin is very stimulating. However, be careful when playing with glass sex toys. They don’t bend, so they should not be used for rough playing.

Jelly sex toys – These are very popular sex toys because jelly is cheap and can easily conform to your shape and size. However, jelly is a soft material and can absorb vibrations, softening the pulsating feeling of your toy. Jelly is also porous and hard to clean; don’t use the same jelly toy for both anal and vaginal penetration. When possible, use a condom when playing with your jelly toys.

Latex sex toys – Soft yet firm, latex is a very popular sex toy material. These toys are relatively inexpensive, so they are recommended for people who want to experiment before investing in higher quality sex toys. Since latex is absorbent, bacteria can easily develop on the surface of the toy. Use a condom (if possible) when playing with your toy and clean it carefully after each use. If you’re allergic to latex rubber, avoid latex sex toys.

Plastic sex toys – These toys are very durable and if you don’t drop them too often, they’ll last a long time. Plastic is smooth and solid, so the vibrations don’t lose any power when they travel through the material. This makes plastic sex toys perfect for penetration stimulation and are recommended for those who love strong vibrations.

Rubber sex toys – This material is still soft and relatively flexible, but not as much as silicone or jelly toys. These toys are cheap and versatile, but the latex rubber is porous and hard to clean. When possible, use a condom when playing with your rubber toys. If you have a latex allergy, it’s best if you avoid rubber toys.

Silicone sex toys – These toys feel very lifelike because the material is soft, flexible and smooth. Silicone is also good at retaining body temperature, so it adds a spark of realism to your sexual fantasy. Silicone sex toys are also hypoallergenic and they don’t smell like rubber. The material is relatively easy to clean and is very durable; if you wash your toys after each use, they can last for a long time. Though they usually cost a little more than the average plaything, silicone sex toys have a long lifespan and are easy to preserve.

Remember, different materials require different cleaning methods. Learn how to properly
Cleaning Your Sex Toys.


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