Sex Toys for Men

Whether you’re single or attached, toys can play a fun role in your sex life. Just remember to use plenty of Lubrication. Some popular sex toys for men to choose from are:

Blowjob Simulators – Need a handy mouth? These are the toys for you! Simulating a blow job, these toys are usually designed like the lips of a woman; some even come with an entire face with vibrating features to imitate the sensations of receiving a blow job.

Cock Rings – Usually placed at the base of a penis, these rings keep the blood from flowing away from the cock. This creates pressure, making your erection harder and longer lasting. To make the experience more pleasurable, you should shave the area that is going to come in contact with the ring. Don’t keep the ring on for too long; experiment with your toy and see which duration is the perfect one for you.

Dildos/dongs – These are phallic-shaped toys that have no motors. Used for anal or vaginal penetration, dildos and dongs are meant to imitate the feeling of an erect penis. Since dildos have a flared base, they are recommended for anal play. Consider the different Types Of Dildos and see which one is for you!

Extenders – These toys are fitted over the tip of your penis and are used to extend your member, increase your girth and enhance your erection. Extenders are meant for adding an extra boost to your already impressive package, thrilling your lover to new sexual heights and having fun!

Love Dolls – Ranging from simple blow-ups to sophisticated dolls, these toys are shaped like a woman. There are usually openings in her mouth, vagina, and ass; these openings are lined with soft material to help aide in your masturbation fantasy. High quality dolls include vibrators and other stimulators to amplify the sensations.

Masturbation Sleeves – These are soft tubes that add an extra level of stimulation between your hand and penis while you masturbate; just insert your penis into the sleeve and pump, pump, pump away! Sleeves are small and good for quickies. The sleeves are usually lined with Cyberskin™, jelly or silicone so that they feel as real as possible. These toys are convenient for all men, especially those who are always traveling and need discreet relief.

Penis Pumps – These devices are used to draw more blood to the penis so that you get even bigger and achieve more intense orgasms. The effect isn’t permanent, but your erection will get larger and harder, and the suction from these toys is highly enjoyable. You can use penis pumps for a variety of reasons, be it for enhancement or just for fun.

Ticklers – These are sleeves designed for exciting both you and your lover, adding extra friction and stimulation to your pumping action. Place these toys over your penis and as you plunge into your lover’s wet depths, watch as they enjoy the ridges and bumps that tickles their insides.

Vagina and ass – These toys are casted after porn stars and have a realistic feel. Some have controlled vibrations, others you just have to pump away! Given their size and detail, these toys are good for men who live alone and have high expectations when it comes to masturbation.

Vibrators – Popular among both men and women, vibrators pulsate to deliver you in to the arms of a great orgasm. They are cheap, fun and easy to handle. Plus, there are so many to choose from! Discover the different Types Of Vibrators.

And men have nipples too! So why not indulge in some nipple play with these Nipple Toys?


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