Sex Toys for Women

Your clit, your vagina, your breasts—you are born for pleasure! Most sex toys that are made for women can be used by men, such as vibrators, dildos and nipple rings. But here are some special treats just for women:

Ben-Wa Balls – These toys can either come as a string of beads or as separate balls. The beads and balls have a bearing inside of them, so that when you insert them into your vagina, you get pleasurable sensations whenever you move. Since the bearing doesn’t shift in any specific direction, the stimulation will always be different. Especially useful for Kegel exercises, Ben-Wa balls (the beaded string version) can also be used for anal penetration.

For the Pleasure of Clit Playing:

Clit toys come in a variety of materials, shapes, and formats. Be bold and conduct as many erotic experiments as you need! Just remember to use lots of Lubrication and always practice Safe Sex!

Clit Suckers – Want a handy mouth to please your needy clit? These toys will dance you right over the edge! They imitate the action of sucking on your clit, and as you pump, knobs and bumps on the toy will massage your most special place. Clit suckers come in manual format (where you pump the bulb to create pressure) or remote format (controlling the pressure with a hand-held device). Usually, manual clit suckers are recommended for beginners so that you can safely experiment until you find your rhythm.

Finger Teasers (finger vibes, finger massagers) – Bringing massage to a whole new level, these toys fit over your finger to give your digits an extra zing as you (or your lover) plays with your clit. Small and convenient, these toys can either vibrate you to heaven or you can massage yourself to nirvana!

Pocket Rockets – Made from plastic and wrapped with soft stimulators on the end, pocket rockets are designed for pleasuring the clit in a variety of ways. Some pocket rockets come with different attachments that slip over the end; others are simple and straightforward as they rock you to rapture.

Strap-ons – Be a little naughty and strap these powerful little clit toys under your clothing. Since the controls are usually remote, you don’t have to worry about any wires; just sit back and enjoy the vibrations! Though most are quiet, it is recommended that you try out your toy to test out the noise level.

Vibrating panties – Ready for some sexy undercover adventures? Then put on a pair of vibrating panties and let it work on your clit! With a secret compartment that holds the little vibrator in place and a remote control that lets you set the pace, these panties are perfect for those who wants to have a some covert fun.

Other Sex Toys

These toys are generally catered to women but can also be used by men. Release your imagination!

Dildos/dongs – These are phallic-shaped toys that have no motors. Used for anal or vaginal penetration, dildos and dongs are meant to imitate the feeling of an erect penis. Since dildos have a flared base, they are recommended for anal play. Consider the different Types Of Dildos and see which one is for you!

Vibrators – Popular among both men and women, vibrators pulsate to deliver you in to the arms of a great orgasm. They are cheap, fun and easy to handle. Plus, there are so many to choose from! Discover the different Types Of Vibrators.

For the Pleasure of Nipple Playing:

Your nipples are very sensitive and when you (or your lover) squeeze, pinch, tweak, suck, lick, bite or massage them, it can introduce a whole new level of eroticism to your sexual games. So as you’re browsing for toys for your pussy or penis, don’t forget about your nipples. Some choices for you to consider are:

Nipple clamps – These toys are secured onto your nipples for a tight and tingly feeling. They make your nipples sensitive to the touch, adding more sensations to your already aroused body.

Nipple pumps – These suction toys create pressure, drawing blood into the nipples and making them look puffy. It makes your breasts more responsive to the touch, steaming up your sexual experience even more.

Nipple jewelry – Why not dress up your nipples? Adorn yourself with some nipple rings and invite your lover to take a look!

Ready to start laving your nipples with attention? Maximize your pleasure by learning
How To Play With Your Nipples.

Remember, Lubrication is your friend!


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