Storing Your Sex Toys

After you have your fun, where do you hide your erotic friends? Before you go in search of that secret draw for your playful assistants, keep these tips in mind:

  • Batteries contain acidic chemicals that can leak. To make sure your toys last for a long time, take out the batteries before you store them.
  • Before you store your sex toys, make sure they’re dry. Say no to mold and mildew!
  • Store each toy individually by wrapping them in something soft. If your toys come in separable parts, take them apart and store independently.
  • Make sure your storage space is dark and dry. Heat and moisture can ruin your toys.
  • Make sure there’s soft padding to protect your toys. Wrapping them in a soft t-shirt or some gentle linen will protect your toys from dust.

Where to Store Your Sex Toys

  • Keep them close to the bed. Perhaps a nightstand or a drawer. It’s convenient and doesn’t slow down your sex life once you start to warm up the sheets. Predictable but practical.
  • Keep them in the shoe box. It’s discreet and discourages curiosity. Would you ever snoop in a shoebox?
  • Keep them in a custom case. There are companies that make these cases. Costly but effective.
  • Keep them in Tupperware. This keeps the toys clean and fresh.

Before storing it, did you remember to properly Clean Your Sex Toy?

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