Types of Dildos

Chin dildos – Strap these dildos on your chin and enjoy double stimulation; you partner can pleasure your orally while the dildo fills you up.

Curved dildos – These dildos are curved at the tip to reach your g-spot (for women) and p-spot (for men). Some are smooth, others ribbed. Their main attraction is that these dildos are for stimulating that extra sensitive spot inside you.

Dildos with balls – To achieve a realistic feel during penetration, these dildos have balls that will slap against your thighs and butt. The balls act as both a handle and a regulator; you can thrust easier and still be sure that you’re not pushing too much of the toy into yourself (or your lover).

Dildos without balls – Sleek, smooth and slim, these dildos are perfect for people who want to control the power of the penetration. Since there are no balls to stop you, you can go as deep as you want. These dildos tend to have a ridged surface for added stimulation as you’re pumping away.

Dildos with suction base – These dildos come with a suction base so that you can stick it and ride it anywhere you want. Some even come with a clitoral stimulator so that you can enjoy more sensations. Since most of these dildos are waterproof, invite your imagination to get creative.

Double dildos – Double the fun with these dildos! You can either use them with a partner or simultaneously penetrate yourself anally and vaginally. There are many possibilities with a double dildo, allowing you to explore a variety of positions and sensations.

Ejaculating dildos – These dildos come with a pump that pushes fluids into your body to mimic the feel of ejaculation. Though fun, you need to read the packaging carefully about what you can use for the semen formula.

Realistic dildos – These dildos mimic the look and feel of an erect penis. Some feel real, some look real, and the best ones are those that look and feel real.  These dildos are made from material that is soft and flexible, such as silicone, rubber or jelly. Tough they feel good, realistic dildos usually command a high price.

Ribbed dildos – These dildos are similar to the veined dildos in that their surface details are greatly exaggerated. The ribs act to stimulate and tickle your walls so that the sensations are intensified, setting off your orgasms with fireworks.

Strap on dildos/dongs – These are designed to hold a dildo/dong in place as you penetrate your lover. They can be attached to your hips, your mouth, your arm, and a variety of other body parts. From wanting to penetrate your lover to keeping your hands free for other pleasurable exploits, there is a wealth of reasons for using a harness. When shopping for a harness, be sure to look for one that is comfortable and has a secure lock to keep the dildo/dong in place.

Veined dildos – These dildos have pronounced details so as to amplify your orgasms. The veins are thick, the heads are fat. Though they don’t look as real as other dildos, these toys are wonderful at stimulating an orgasm.

Thick dildos – If you love it firm and hard, then these are the dildos for you. They will fill you up, and though some are made of soft material, there are those that are designed for stiff and demanding action. Due to the sheer size and volume of these dildos, use plenty of lubrication and start slowly.

With any kind of toy, remember to use ample amounts of Lubrication and properly Clean Your Toys afterwards.


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