Types of Vibrators

Anal vibrators – Made for anal penetration, these vibrators are slimmer and shorter than regular vibrators. They also have a flared base to ensure easy removal. Before using an anal vibrator, be sure to check out other Sex Toys For Anal Play.

Bullet vibrators (see also egg-shaped vibrators) – These vibrators are usually small (two to three inches) and thin. They are usually battery-operated and don’t have a cord for control. As such, they are only best for clitoral stimulation.

Butterfly vibrators – Coming in a variety of designs, butterfly vibrators usually have straps so that you can wear them like a pair of panties. The purpose of the butterfly design is to increase your pleasure though those flexible nubs; when you turn on the vibrator, those ridged patterns will throb against you to create a mind-blowing experience.

Clitoral vibrators – Intended for tickling your clit into orgasmic bliss, clitoral vibrators come in two kinds: rabbit or dolphin and beavers. The rabbit vibrators will delight you with their ears, the dolphin and beavers will tease you with their nubs. These vibrators are also connected to a shaft for dual action, and there are separate controls for clit stimulation and vaginal penetration.

Cock ring vibrators – These rings are small and are made of flexible material. The ring is placed around an erect penis so that a man can stay harder for a longer period of time. The vibrator attached to the ring can be used for a variety of scenarios, such as positioned to tickle the balls or a woman’s clit during vaginal penetration. Have fun with your imagination.

Cylindrical vibrators – Smooth and long, these vibrators are thin and reliable. Mostly used for playing with the clit or penis, some cylindrical vibrators can be used for vaginal penetration. However, because they lack a flared base, cylindrical vibrators are not recommended for anal penetration.

Egg-shaped vibrators – Shaped like an egg, these vibrators are wired to a control so that you can vary the speed of the pulsations. Since they have a wire, egg-shaped vibrators can be use for vaginal penetration. However, like the bullet vibrators, they are not optimal for anal penetration.

Fingertip vibrators – Fits on the tip of your finger to add spice to your sex life. With ridged edges or pulsating motions, these vibrators add a little magic to your fingers during playtime.

G-spot/P-spot vibrators – These vibrators are curved at the tip to better stimulate your secret spots. The tip is rather large, shaped like the head of an actual penis. To enhance your sexual experience, some vibrators come with special features such as a ridged shaft for pleasurable penetration or a bulbous surface for powerful stimulation.

Special features of your vibrator:

Multifunctional vibrators – Play with your clit, your pussy, or your ass. These vibrators are designed for dual action; they also have separate controls for the various functions.

Remote controlled vibrators – Wear these vibrators under your clothes and give the remote to your lover. Let it be a secret between the both of you as your lover tease you into a sexual frenzy without others knowing.

Secret vibrators – Looking like a tube of lipstick or an innocent rubber duck, these vibrators are designed for convenience and discretion.

Waterproof vibrators – You’re already wet, so why not get a little wild in the shower? These vibrators have special plastic rings that protect the battery compartment from the water.

Since there are so many different toys out there, make it easier for yourself and learn How To Choose Your Vibrator.

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